life is short. hair is long.
music is loud.

art vs. commerce

Art is the source of all that is good. It is the source of all evil. Scratch the surface and you get dirt under your fingernails. Without it the garden of Eden becomes a cold lunar landscape. With it the earth overflows with bad hair cuts and copycat couture; can't live with it, can't live without it.

Commerce is the bane of our existence. It is the brain of our destruction. It is the exception that proves the rule. It is the rich living obscenely off the souls of the poor. It is the rationalization of such threadbare concepts as natural selection, manifest destiny and preemptive strikes.

Easy targets, admittedly. Conflation on a human scale. The de-distribution of wealth writ large. The big get bigger, and the average cost of maintenance wipes out any return on investment. Social responsibility has become a crime against humanity. Punishable by censure. Censorship replaces citizenship.

Within and without: art, music and joie d'vie deserve a fair shake. Cruelty, ignorance and greed deserve a slap in the face.