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Life's No Substitute For Dreaming

A Poison Pen Love Letter To The 20th Century

Revised Edition

AUTHOR: Rick Sanford
PRICE: $9.95 (paperback); $7.99 (eBook)
PURCHASE:Direct, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books; Amazon

Publisher Description:
Life's No Substitute For Dreaming is a playful, psychological look into the mindset of youth, the compulsion to create art and the universal quest to understand mortality that accompanies the process of growing up.
While a young woman searches for her identity, a young man seeks catharsis. Floating through a foreign landscape, preoccupied, self-absorbed and alienated, two artists find support and comfort in the fragile world they’ve created for themselves. Meanwhile, they cautiously interact with what they describe as the mortal world, which remains beyond their grasp.
The story details the journey of the young artists as they experience the difficult birth of the 21st century. Turning away from what they see as the flawed reality of their contemporary existence, they seek to define their relationship to the outside world and to each other.
This wordy love story, told in slow prose, with a slightly dreamy cast, remembers a world that no longer exists but has not yet been replaced. Expressive and poetic, with humor throughout, the book chronicles the past as it considers the future.

GENRE: Fiction & Literature



LENGTH: 134 Pages

SIZE: 5.5" x 8.5" (paperback; 4.4 MB (Apple Books); 759 KB (Kindle)