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Rick Sanford is a singer/songwriter with roots in the Seattle music scene before moving to London and finally settling in New York City. Inspired by a rich mix of wordy folk-rock and psychedelia, he has written and performed a wide variety of musical styles on both coasts. Rick has written and recorded 12 studio records.
Rick produced his first record in 1978, with Meade Brown (Don Ellis) engineering, a 17-piece Big Band jazz/pop album with 12 singers. He later worked as assistant recording engineer, again with Meade Brown and Robert Webb at the Reno Jazz Festival. Having produced many of his own records, he has also worked with producers Tom Dyer (Green Monkey Records), Robert Miller (Alice Donut) and Kramer (Shimmy Disc & Second-Shimmy).
Rick has performed as songwriter, arranger, keyboardist, guitarist, vocalist & trombonist in rock & ska bands in Seattle and New York, including Pre-Fabs, Rally-Go!, Mad Dash, Celestial Pygmies and Mephiskapheles.
As a composer and solo recording artist, he has written and recorded 10 albums and 2 singles for the Dental Records label, which he formed in 1981.