Brilliant and absorbing
This beautifully written, deeply thoughtful story is reminiscent of the Portuguese writer Jose Saramago in its precise rendition of bracing observation and quiet narration that envelopes the events of the story without clamor but with heightening suspense. A pleasure to read.
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Rick Sanford’s compelling story, The Sudden Flight of Mr. Banks, begins as a rather gloomy tale of a mysterious Englishman (we never learn his given name) whose life seems to be stuck in a unchanging pattern. Sanford's story is beautifully written — detailed and expressive. We are drawn to Mr. Banks’ life from the beginning, and we continue to read because we need to know how his story ends. Finally, Mr. Banks learns that love is the path — the “sudden flight” that leads him away from his miserable existence to one that might bring happiness. He is not disappointed, and neither is the reader.
Ruby Ludwig

The Sudden Flight Of Mr. Banks

AUTHOR: Rick Sanford
PRICE: $1.99
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Publisher Description:
This short story is based on a song lyric. It follows a character through a few weeks during late summer as he considers and reconsiders his world and his place in it.

GENRE: Fiction & Literature



LENGTH: 50 Pages

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