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Looking back over our metaphoric shoulder, the clouds mist as the sun sets. Yet while we collect analogic fruit from the still, cold surface of the warming earth, brushing aside the obvious bits of twigs, leaves and dirt, ignoring many of the bruises and imperfections, we prepare for the feast of ripe proportions, laid before our feet.

At the same time, we witness new buds, new blooms and wounded branches bearing new growth. We stare in wonder at the many nuts that have fallen to the ground around us. We marvel at the sap that runs, year after year through the weathered veins of withered trunks.

At the end of the day, as we listen to the sounds that collect in the dark corners, away from the noise that surrounds us all, we remember that while fashion has its place, wallpaper its purpose and lifestyle its meaning, art—and music—are central to our being, defining our soul.

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Juxtaposition is not creation.

Copying is not innovation.

Exaggeration is not expansion of thought or idea.

Repetition is not growth.

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  • I'm Fine
  • A Guy Who's Only Trying To Make It
  • We Are All Just Liars
  • Sinning's A Beginning
  • Too Much Talk
  • She Loves You
  • Brainless And Dangerous
  • All That Much
  • Singin' Like Frank Sinatra
  • Kissing Bruno's Daughter
  • They're My Friends
  • Little Girls in Tokyo
  • Ballad of Donald Hollinger
  • So Far, I've Forgotten Your Name
  • Martini Beach
  • Pogo Calypso
  • Whatever Is 4
  • Hangin' With The Fellas
  • Bride Of Frankenstein
  • The Prostitute’s Accountant
  • I Wish You Were Twins
  • True Blue
  • To Fly
  • Mary Mary

I'm Fine

"I read a loud in a crowd, sometimes;
It helps to keep the creeps away…"

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A Guy Who's Only Trying to Make It

"Little kids get blown away
Walking down the wrong street in the middle of the day, now.

So, "Our love is here to stay"
Just when you expect it I start quoting Ira Gershwin."

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My time spent wasting all these years before my hair turns gray could be better spent complying with the laws of nature. Every time I'm near the subject you become the central object and I'm left without the feeling or the nomenclature. This is all pure theory. If it should become a fact, you'll pardon any odd reaction. I can read a book of no small size inside of several hours but with you around me I confuse the leaves with long stemmed flowers. I will get no work done while you're here that much has been determined better then that we give in and thus we may avoid the sermon. This is all pure theory. If it should become a fact, you'll pardon any odd reaction. This point has been tested many times and I can tell you surely we can take our time and see that all conclusions are checked thoroughly. This is all pure theory. If it should become a fact, you'll pardon any odd reaction. My assistant now he will supply you with the proper volts and I hope, my love you will be satisfied with the results.

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Once we had a budget for band-aids. And you know what? Pretty much what we got for our efforts was scar tissue. We learned a few things and had some great rides. Now we look around us and the medium is no longer the message. We have reached the post-how society, replacing the method-as-motivator creative philosophy with the why-in-the-first-place creative philosophy. In that sense we have returned to the beginning.

As art need no longer justify its existence with regards to financing distribution, or confronting the empty economics of me-too consumption, it bloody-well better be able to justify its existence with regards to what gives it the fundamental right to clutter up our beleaguered planet in the first place, even as untold examples of superior prior art lie buried in neglect and mis-use.

As always, and more than ever before, copying is not innovation. Exaggeration is not expansion of thought or idea. Repetition is not growth. Going out of your way to pretend that something didn't exist 20, 30, 50 years ago so you can claim to be a pioneer is woefully inadequate when evidence is all around you, that you are not the first, will not be the last and are not the best. Badge engineering is not a sustainable future.

Viral is not a qualifier for talent, skill, virtuosity or craftsmanship. Lemmings rarely matter once they've crested the cliff. The music matters. Yes, the music still matters, while the technical specifications matter less and less.

art vs. commerce

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Art is the source of all that is good. It is the source of all evil. Scratch the surface and you get dirt under your fingernails. Without it the garden of Eden becomes a cold lunar landscape. With it the earth overflows with bad hair cuts and copycat couture; can't live with it, can't live without it.

Commerce is the bane of our existence. It is the brain of our destruction. It is the exception that proves the rule. It is the rich living obscenely off the souls of the poor. It is the rationalization of such threadbare concepts as natural selection, manifest destiny and preemptive strikes.

Easy targets, admittedly. Conflation on a human scale. The de-distribution of wealth writ large. The big get bigger, and the average cost of maintenance wipes out any return on investment. Social responsibility has become a crime against humanity. Punishable by censure. Censorship replaces citizenship.

Within and without: art, music and joie d'vie deserve a fair shake. Cruelty, ignorance and greed deserve a slap in the face.

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Human brains are seemingly incapable of attending to the needs of two senses at once. Why fight nature? Why argue against what you know is right, deep down in your tympanic nerve.

Permit yourself to listen, and allow the chemical imbalances to right themselves as the stimulus of varying waves of air pressure against your hearThink fosters greater understanding of the true relationship between loud and soft, high and low, consonants and consonance, dissidents and dissonance.