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In 1985 I did a project using a sampler and a poly synth with a built-in 255-step sequencer. There were six pieces, all instrumental. I found one of the pieces intriguing, in that it used sampled dialog. I used that track as the basis for 10-31-1986, below. The remaining five pieces are shown in Mirage - 1985.
Equipment used: Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 (128kB total sample memory), Korg Poly-800 (255-step sequencer).

In the fall of 1986, with the addition of a Macintosh computer I started a new project with the aim of creating a live performance. The source of the project was an “audio letter”. I had sampled some phrases from a cassette tape I received in 1985 and created a song using the dialog, very much out of context. The arrangements were stripped down to a few elements—for two reasons, that they were to be performed live, from sequencer and sampler with live guitar players, and because in 1986 sample memory was very expensive.

After completing the second song, I sampled more dialog from TV, movies, etc. to add to that from the audio letter and I did four more songs to complete the set for the performance, which took place on Halloween night, 1986. A guitar track was subsequently recorded on the first track; as there was no recording of the performance, the other songs are presented in their original "backing track" form.
Those six songs appear below as 10-31-1986.
Equipment used: Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 (128kB total sample memory), Macintosh 512k.


Mirage - 1985